Butchers Cut Duck (1.75-2 lb.) Glatt Organics

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Butchers Cut Duck (1.75-2 lb.)

Name: Butchers Cut Duck (1.75-2 lb.)
Brand: Glatt Organics,
Category: Duck,
Status: Meat
Symbol: Antibiotic Free, OU Meat, Pelleh Poultry,
Resource of information: Glatt Organics ()

Product Description

This product began its journey as a locally sourced Pekin duck, humanely raised without hormones or antibiotics. At our small, family-owned plant, the duck was harvested then portioned, deboned and cleaned.

Now it’s time for you to experience the succulent taste and game-changing convenience of Pelleh Butcher’s Cut Duck. Enjoy the skin-on breasts broiled or pan seared, the legs roasted, baked or braised. Breast or leg, the duck’s rich, natural flavor is complemented by a wide variety of seasonings and sauces.

Product url: https://www.glatt-organics.com/p/butchers-cut-duck-2-2-5-lb/

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