Kosher Organic Turkey Thighs Bone In (5.00-5.50 lbs. ) Glatt Organics

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Kosher Organic Turkey Thighs Bone In (5.00-5.50 lbs. )

Name: Kosher Organic Turkey Thighs Bone In (5.00-5.50 lbs. )
Brand: Glatt Organics,
Category: Organic Turkey,
Status: Meat
Symbol: Antibiotic Free, CRC, Kosher L\'Pesach, Star K, USDA Organic, Wise Organic Pastures,
Resource of information: Glatt Organics ()

Product Description

A succulent cut of dark meat with a lean low fat content, our organic turkey thighs are extremely versatile and easy to prepare. Though sinful when smoked, there are so many ways to enjoy the popular turkey thighs. Whether following a traditional recipe or simply playing the cards with a new twist to an old favorite, you just can’t go wrong.


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Following information from authority Star-K product Wise Family Pastures: Rachel's Organic Kosher Broiled Chicken/Turkey Livers, Glatt Organics LLC has status Veal/Chicken, Kosher