Whole Young Duckling Grade “A” (4.25-4.75) Glatt Organics

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Whole Young Duckling Grade “A” (4.25-4.75)

Name: Whole Young Duckling Grade “A” (4.25-4.75)
Brand: Glatt Organics,
Category: Duck,
Status: Meat
Symbol: Antibiotic Free, OU Meat, Pelleh Poultry,
Resource of information: Glatt Organics ()

Product Description

Joe Jurgielewicz & Son All-Natural Pekin Ducks are grown locally on family owned farms.

Our flocks are raised free-roaming in large, temperature-controlled barns with a diet of corn, soybeans and well water, without antibiotics or hormones.

Our breeding methods result in a perfect meat-to-fat ratio, producing duck meat which is moist and flavorful.

Product url: https://www.glatt-organics.com/p/whole-young-duckling-grade-4-25-4-75/

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