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Name: Buckwheat
Category: Staples,
Status: Parve
Symbol: Kosher Australia
Resource of information: Lewis & Son ()

The batter for the world’s largest pancake was whipped up in a cement mixer and flipped by a construction crane. The secret to the 28-foot culinary creation was the nutritionally dense and gluten-free relative of rhubarb: the earthy buckwheat. GI- friendly, buckwheat is a good source of protein and contains nine essential amino acids. Also found in buckwheat are unsaturated fatty acids, which may help protect against heart disease. High in B vitamins, the buckwheat pancake will turn you into an energised roadrunner. Distinctly nutty, it can be eaten as a thick, hot porridge, or used in pizza dough, pastries, cakes, breads and noodles. Lamb backstrap with smoked buckwheat is delicious. So is shrimp, blitzed with cooked buckwheat in a food processor and shaped into small flavoursome fishcakes. For an attention-grabbing culinary treat, add some buckwheat to your next flapjack batter. 

Product url: http://www.lewisandson.com.au/staples/buckwheat

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Following information from authority Lewis & Son product Pitted Prunes, LEWSANDSON has status Parve, Kosher