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Carraway Seeds

Name: Carraway Seeds
Category: Spices,
Status: Parve
Symbol: Kosher Australia
Resource of information: Lewis & Son ()

Caraway seeds

Thousands of years ago, caraway seeds were frequently placed in jewellery cabinets or safes, as the popular belief held that they would protect objects from theft. The seeds are particularly good in bread and are a great addition to potato salads, sauces, vegetable dishes, tomato-based soups and fruit. The earthy, citrusy tones of caraway seeds enhance the flavour of meat dishes such as beef goulash, duck with bulgur, chickpea and pomegranate pilaf, or Israeli chicken schnitzel with red cabbage and apple coleslaw. With a hint of anise and fennel, the seeds add a subtle background flavour to sauerkraut and a warm, nutty taste to Shakshuka. They give a delicate, pleasant aroma to biscuits, cakes and rice puddings with cinnamon. Rich in iron, zinc and calcium, caraway seeds also have various health benefits. Known to boost immunity and lower signs of ageing, they may help relieve IBS symptoms and treat indigestion and heartburn. The member of the parsley family can be infused to make a soothing tea. Get carried away with caraway and make sure no delectable dishes in your home are without it, as the seeds will not only keep your food fresh but will also protect it from the greedy claws of household food thieves.

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