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Kosher Salt

Name: Kosher Salt
Category: Spices,
Status: Parve
Symbol: Kosher Australia
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Kosher salt:

Popular with fine chefs worldwide, kosher salt is loved for its organic crystal structure, large surface area, coarseness, and its ability to bring out the natural flavours of food. Formed through an evaporation process, somewhat resembling that employed in the production of sea salt, kosher salt doesn’t contain additives, is lighter in weight compared to table salt, has less intense saltiness. It is has a clean, pure flavour and dissolves more readily. It is preferred by chefs as the large, flaky crystals are easy to pick up by the pinch, providing the right balance of flavours. The kosher salt disperses quickly and plays a crucial role in creating a perfect prime rib roast. It adds a delicious crunch to salt-crusted chicken or popcorn. You can season soups, stews, brines and marinades, or add the large crystals to salted caramel cookies. Coarse-grained kosher salt is perfect for curing meat. Its texture allows it to absorb more moisture than other forms of salt. In small doses, sodium is essential to human survival as it helps carry nutrients into cells and regulates muscle contractions. Sodium is also required to produce hydrochloric acid, necessary for digestion. The body will benefit from small amounts of sodium, and even modest salt restriction improves vascular reactivity and reduces urinary albumin loss, which protects the kidneys and the heart. There are many reasons why you should make kosher salt your salt. It tastes better, dissolves better, sticks to food better and has a nice crunch. Kosher salt will make your culinary experience much more rewarding.

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