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Natural Raisins

Name: Natural Raisins
Category: Fruit,
Status: Parve
Symbol: Kosher Australia
Resource of information: Lewis & Son ()

Adorning places of worship and used as barter currency in ancient Rome, the uses of raisins have only been limited by imagination. You can plump up the dried fruit in rum or brandy and pour it over a stack of vanilla pancakes for a lip-smacking dessert. You can sprinkle them over homemade granola. Raisins also pair well with grilled chicken and pickled vegetables and are a sweet addition to gravy. A caramel, sherry and raisin pudding, is an idea for an intensely rich sweet course. Even though the fruit can have a bad rap (there is a 'We Hate Raisins Facebook group'), we at Lewis & Son believe raisin hate is unwarranted. The lunchbox favourite is an energising addition to traditional sweets and salads. Raisins provide relief from anemia, fever and acidosis. The dried fruit promotes strong bones. Individuals suffering from a weak respiratory system can greatly benefit from the little powerhouse raisin. They are known to enhance fertility. Where you put the raisins and how you incorporate the dried fruit in dishes, determines whether you’ll be in or out of the raisin game.

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