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Pitted Prunes

Name: Pitted Prunes
Category: Fruit,
Status: Parve
Symbol: Kosher Australia
Resource of information: Lewis & Son ()

Regardless of alarming associations regarding the high-fibre foods, there is no cause for fear. Prune is a variety of plum, dried without the removal of the pit. The delicious prune adds a rich, sweet flavour to pot-roasted beef with red wine, goat biryani, rice pudding, caramel sticky toffee cake, anise and chocolate brownies and is a perfect ingredient in a duck roast stuffing. The chewy, sticky texture of the fruit pairs well with chocolate. Whether you rise early or late, start the day off with prune pancakes, a nutritious and decadent addition to your brekkie, or brunch menu. High in soluble fiber, prunes improve appetite by promoting digestion. The dried fruit is a rich source of antioxidants, including beta-carotene and chlorogenic acids, safeguarding the cardiovascular system from disease. The high-energy snack leaves you feeling fuller for longer. You shouldn’t underestimate the little dried prune's squidgy succulence, as a handful of prunes daily, will rejuvenate your skin, make you feel energised, invigorated, and ready to dive into the day's work.

Product url: http://www.lewisandson.com.au/fruit/pitted-prunes

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